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Security Advisory

Advisory services associates can help your company to address its security functional challenges and gain competitive advantage through revised security strategies, reconsidered security management systems, addressing security technology innovations, talent investment, growth, effectiveness and efficiency.



Associates practises research and business driven approach augmented with global best practice to ensure comprehensive identification of  enterprise security risks and assist in determining effective and scalable solutions to enterprise security requirements.


Works closely with their customers to understand the operational challenges in running successful and effective GRC program. Transformation services will help customers to address the underpinning GRC operational issue through the various suits of proprietary and partnered solution.

Compliance Management

Requirements to various standards, regulation, business partners and customers is a significant challenge to organizations. Happiest Minds bring in the rich experience in smartly achieve and manage effective compliance through unified approach and reduce overall cost of compliance.

Risk Advisory: Risk Management

(ISO 31000, ISO 27005)

Risk management plays a crucial role in protecting companies information assets, and therefore its mission of sustained delivery of the quality service to the customer.


Risk management is the process of identifying risk, assessing risk, and taking steps to reduce risk to an acceptable level. Well defined Risk management will be foundation for establishing an effective risk management program in organization, containing both the definitions and the practical guidance necessary for assessing and mitigating risks identified within scope of assessment.


An effective risk management process is one of the important components of a successful Information Security Management System (ISMS). Risk management process is treated as management function of company and shall involve the concerned staff to continually identify, analyze, evaluate and treat the risk associated with the assets defined within the scope of assessment.

Stage1: Risk Identification

  • Identify the assets within the scope of the assessment
  • Identify the threats & threat value to those assets

  • Identify the vulnerabilities & vulnerability value that might be exploited by the threats.

Stage 2: Risk Evaluation

  • Assess the business impact taking into account the consequences of a loss of confidentiality, integrity or availability of the assets
  • Assess the realistic likelihood of security failure occurring
  • Estimate the levels of risks taking function of liklihood and impact.
  • Determine whether the risk is acceptable or requires treatment

Stage 3: Risk Treatment

  • Identify and evaluate options for the treatment of risks;
  • Options may be ; applying appropriate controls,  knowingly and objectively accepting risks, avoiding risks or transferring the associated business risks
  • Select control objectives and controls for the treatment of risks.
  • Prepare the Statement of Applicability and Risk Treatment Plan


Our highly customized and integrated approach towards understanding business and end user needs and translating them into appropriate and effective solutions will ensure efficient operation of IT infrastructure and securing while maintaining compliance with mandatory obligations.

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